Why create a community recreation portal?

To help community members, group organizers and volunteers get the word out about programs, services and special events.


MyKahnawake.com was created with the idea of bringing the community all the information out there about sports, recreation, arts, leisure and volunteering that they need.

The site was started with the intent of collecting resources for parents, athletes, coaches, artists and volunteers.

This site was started to help bring more of an audience to some of the smaller groups who need help creating awareness and do not have a budget for a website or technical capabilities.

Some of our groups do not have websites at all, many rely on Facebook pages and their posts sometimes get swallowed up in busy feeds. Or, even worse, every post starts a comment war.

Although we believe in posting content solely to our site, we have included the option so MyKahnawake.com posts can be forwarded to Facebook, Twitter or Email to share.

Our project was funded through a donation of the Caisse Populaire Kahnawake Circle of Giving Community Development Project Fund.

The MyKahnawake logo is a digital representation of rapids, since Kahnawake means By the Rapids. It was created by Daybi of Masv.Works.

Our Values


We strive to create programming, share activities and host events that are inclusive of our entire population, regardless of age, ability or physical situation.


We strive to share opportunities for community members to experience regular physical activity, bring up their overall fitness levels and improve their health.


We strive to share opportunities for community members to experience and participate in traditional, artistic and language-related activities to experience and revive Mohawk culture.


We strive to minimize advertising costs and increase exposure for small groups with limited resources. In addition, we act as a digital database for important information that community members need about our members' services.

What We Do

Inform our community about the great recreational opportunities in Kahnawake.

Educate Kahnawakerohnon about any health and safety risks from their recreational activities.

Improve the quality of life for community members through recreation and volunteering.